Dress Hire Geelong

Dress Hire Geelong

Geelong is the second biggest city in Victoria and just a short drive to the fashion capital of Australia, Melbourne meaning our girls have high standards with their fashion. Geelong and the Bellarine girls have a refined, elegant style and no-one in the world does an all-black look quite like our Melbourne style sisters.

What we offer

Designer dress hire in Melbourne becomes an essential way to make a statement at your next event, without breaking the bank.

 We offer women of Geelong, VIC access to luxury designer fashion for a fraction of the retail price. 

Rent a dress from your favourite designers from over 500 dresses from over 25 national and international designers across sizes 6 to 16 and provide express delivery to anywhere in Geelong.

What sets us apart

When you’re looking for a dress rental company in the Melbourne area, you may find so many choices that you’re overwhelmed and unsure which one to choose. Her Style makes the decision a little easier by providing outstanding service and a wide range of gorgeous dresses. 

Here are a few of the things that set us apart from the competition.

Next-day delivery. We use Startrack overnight delivery throughout Australia. If you’re in one of the larger cities, you can trust our next-day delivery. That means that you’ll get your dress fast, so even if you get a last-minute invitation, you’ll be ready.

 Affordable insurance. Accidents happen. For just $30, you can purchase insurance to protect your dress from minor damage and stains. We understand that you’ll be wearing your dress in the real world, so we do everything we can to take the pressure off. 

Included cleaning. Don’t worry about cleaning your dress before you return it – we’ll take care of it. We handle all dry-cleaning so that all our customers know they’re getting a newly cleaned garment and so that you can enjoy your event stress-free.

Why hire through Her Style?


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Sizes Stocked

Find your perfect outfit
Browse through our collection of designer garments. We stock sizes 6-16 for events ranging from cocktail through to black tie!
Advanced Bookings
Book your garment up to 6 months in advance! We recommend booking your garment to be dispatched 2-3 days before your event.
Stylist Support
Chat with our experienced stylists via online chat or come in store for a styling session. We can always help to ensure your outfit fits.
Express Postage
Express return postage included on all orders. Just place the return sticker provided in the box over the previous label.
Backup Dress
Unsure on sizing or can't decide between two sizes? Add a back up dress in another size or style for 80% off the second item.
Cleaning Included
No need to worry about cleaning your dress! Just pop your outfit back in your box and we will take care of the rest.

How does Dress Hire Geelong work?

How do I return my dress?

In your box you will have a return label. Please place that over the original label on the box and return to us in the Yellow Express Postbox or at your local Australia Post Branch on the last day of your hire.

How long does shipping take, and how much will it cost me?

$21 for return postage and generally most orders arrive next business day.

Where does it come from?

All orders are dispatched from our Melbourne warehouse in Port Melbourne.

Opening Hours

You can try a new brand you love
You can save money 
Save space in your closet and be more sustainable

Benefits of Designer Dress Hire

You’ve been invited to a special event, and one of the first things on your mind is what you’re going to wear. Before you rush out and buy something new, consider the benefits of formal dress hire in Melbourne.

Not sure what size you are? Or simply can't choose from our collection? Contact our stylists at info@herstyleau.com.au for any sizing queries.

Why hire?

When you're worried about what you're going to wear to an important event, why not stop to consider an option such as dress hire? Not only is it an option, but it's an excellent one, too. Not only can you skip the long hours browsing the racks, unable to find something to match your style and your budget, but you can also even enjoy a greater sense of freedom. 

Knowing that you're only going to wear this dress once doesn't have to be a source of guilt — it can be exciting instead. This is your chance to try something you might not typically want to purchase for yourself. At Her Style, we make it easy to arrange for a dress hire online to solve your wardrobe woes.

Sizing concerns?

It’s important to ensure that the measurements for your gown are spot on, however. We also offer in-store temporary alterations - just ask one of our friendly staff members. If you are in between sizes please contact us and we can assist you with a back up dress option or with sizing advice

We also have Stylist assitance via chat, phone and email. We recommend chatting to one of our stylist BEFORE you place your order to decipher the correct size.

If you item doesn't fit right we have easy returns or exchanges to get you the right outfit for your next event! We have 100% customer satisfaction.

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